No Vacillation on HPV Vaccine(HPVワクチン接種に躊躇なし)

Cell, Volume 172, Issue 6 8 March 2018のLeading Edgeのコーナーに、HPVワクチンについての解説が掲載されています。HPVワクチンの必要性、安全性、有効性について論述されています。

― HPV Vaccines: A Preemptive Strike in the War on Cancer
― Human Papillomavirus Causes Cancers
― The Safety of HPV Vaccination Is Well Established
― Challenges and Opportunities in the Global South
― Overcoming the Barriers to Global HPV Vaccination Uptake
― Containing Costs and One-Shot Delivery
― Positive Health Messages to Counter Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

(Cell, Volume 172, Issue 6 8 March 2018)
(吉村 やすのり)

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